Website & Marketing Audits

Your website may be sending potential buyers away within seconds.

Lead Generation and Sales Checklist

Do you have a proven and scalable way to attract new leads to your business? 

The questions below represent the minimum requirements needed to successfully scale your ROI with digital marketing. See how your lead generation and sales process stacks up.

Scalable Marketing and Sales Processes

  1. Does your copy go through a validation process with your intended audience?

  2. Do you have a way of automatically filtering and funnelling new leads with the most significant buying potential to your sales process?

  3. Are you using KPIs to measure the success of your sales funnels? Do you know… 

    • How much your Facebook ad impressions and clicks cost, and how much revenue they generate?

    • Your landing page conversion rate and how much each conversion costs?

    • The cost and conversion rate that stems out of your primary lead magnet?

    • The cost and conversion rate of your sales method? (Demo, call, strategy session, presentation, promotional copy)

    • The total cost per acquisition for each of your services or products?

    • Where you’re losing the most leads at any given time?


Facebook Advertising

  1. Do you have an iterative optimization process in place to improve the scalability of your Facebook ads?

  2. Has your Facebook ad copy been tested in real-world sales settings?

  3. Do you know the exact ROI value of your Facebook ad campaigns?


Email Marketing

  1. Are newly subscribed leads automatically and immediately followed up?

  2. Do subscribers receive valuable non-gated content at least once a week?

  3. Is your email marketing strategy tied to an annual revenue target, and does it include 30- and 90-day promotional calendars containing proven winners?


Search Engine Optimization

  1. Is your Google My Business profile claimed and optimized?

  2. Do you have a list of keywords that you can best rank for on Google and a monthly plan in place to increase organic traffic?

  3. Are you using press releases to boost your search engine rankings?

If you answered YES to most of the questions, then we’d love to help you optimize your lead generation and conversion processes.


If you answered NO for most of the questions, then we’d be happy to help you set up scalable lead generation and sales funnels.

For more information request a free consultation.

Are you wasting your marketing budget?

If you think your website and marketing campaigns can perform better or if you're unsure where your biggest conversion bottleneck is, then a website or marketing audit will help you:

  • Discover where you're losing the most money in your marketing funnel
  • Optimize conversions in each step of the customer journey
  • Gain detailed insights into your web and marketing performance based on the most crucial KPIs
  • Develop a marketing plan to scale your business growth, revenue, and market share
  • Copy, ad, and email marketing audits

Select your preferred Audit Program

Surface Audit

Marketing Scan

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Deep Audit

Marketing Scan

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Full Audit

Website & Marketing

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Or alternatively, we offer stand-alone audits for:

  • Website Performance Audit
  • SEO/SEA Marketing Audit
  • Lead Magnet Audit
  • Facebook Ad Campaign Audit

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