Kartra Review 2021: Have you heard of Kartra yet?

If you’re tired of using a ton of different web-based applications and platforms, and you’re looking for that one system that can do it all, your search is over! That’s why Kartra is our all-in-one marketing solution of choice for small online business owners. Keep reading to see our Karta Review for 2021!


All-in-one Marketing Solution.. What does that mean?

If you’re still in the setup phase of your online business, or new to the digital style of business management and haven’t used a web-based business management tool, marketing platform or a CRM before, a CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool. What this means is that these are types of programs or web-based applications that allow someone to organize their customers, their prospects, their emailing, their marketing, their product or service delivery and more. There are plenty of different kinds of CRMs, marketing platforms and business management tools out there, and they all have their pluses and minuses, but today, we’re taking the guessing out of the equation and putting our vote behind Karta’s Silver Plan. It is so much more than a CRM, it’s definitely the web-based application we, at Elative Solutions, endorse as our favorite business management tool and marketing platform for small online business owners that sell digital products.


What does Kartra Silver do?

That’s the main benefit of Kartra – it does pretty much everything! And they’re still adding features. So if Kartra doesn’t do something you need it to do, it probably will pretty soon!


Let’s take a look at some of the basic features of Kartra:

Unlimited Emails

Stay in touch with your audience!

The Kartra Silver plan allows you to send an unlimited amount of emails to a contact list of up to 12,500 people. These emails are typically used to share newsletters, marketing information and offers, shipping confirmations, follow ups, and more. Many other marketing platforms and CRMs either limit the amount of emails allowed per month or the number of contacts. In our Kartra Review 2021, we found that the Kartra Silver Plan is comparable to more popular marketing platforms you may have heard of before like Mailchimp (Standard Plan: 15k contacts for $170 per month) or ConstantContact (15k contacts for $195 per month). At $149 per month (when you purchase the yearly plan), Kartra is quite similar, but it’s all the other things that Kartra can do that makes it so impressive!


Split Testing

Also included in the previously mentioned competitor’s plans, Split Testing allows you to test out different things. Also known as A/B Testing, Split Testing allows you to compare the effectiveness of one email subject line against another version; one email body copy against another, or your call to action against another. This allows you to create a continuously more effective email campaign!

kartra review

Web-based Business Management

Another important feature of an online business management tool, besides allowing you to communicate with your clients, customers and prospects, is tracking their path along the customer journey. Did a new prospect open that last email? Do people watch the full video on your homepage? Which page do people visit the most?

It’s time to take the guesswork out – these are questions Kartra will answer for you! 

You can see metrics and track everything through your Kartra dashboard and use ‘tags’ to manage and automate the entire process. Using these tags, you can automate certain actions. Let’s say someone adds an item to their online shopping cart and then leaves without checking out, you can set Kartra to automatically send them a follow up email 24 hours later and remind them about the item sitting in their cart that may have slipped their mind.


Kartra Review 2021: Now let’s take a look at some of our favorite things you can do with Kartra

Build and Design Beautiful Web Pages

Kartra has a fantastic built-in web page designer! It’s great for people that aren’t super technical with drag and drop features and a fully included image gallery with a ton of beautiful, free-to-use, high quality pictures.


Integrated Webinar Platform

Kartra was designed with the online entrepreneur in mind. Not only does it include an integrated webinar platform, it also includes an evergreen webinar creator. This means you can create a webinar that you record once, then replays whenever you like, while seeming live to new participants. Imagine how much time this could save, while acting as a constant way to attract new traffic.


Create Online Programs and Courses

If your online business includes online courses or training programs and requires a membership area, video hosting and all the necessary bells and whistles, Kartra is for you! Kartra allows you to create fully customized training courses and membership portals, so people can log in, view your courses and have their own dashboard to track their progress.


Create Affiliates, Forms, Opt-ins and More

There are so many things you can do with Kartra! 

  • Create an affiliate program so other people will be motivated to sell your products or services for you.
  • Create and send forms to get the information you need from your contacts.
  • Create opt-ins on your webpages to allow new contacts to subscribe to receive your emails.
  • Create marketing funnels, or purchase and customize a pre-made marketing campaign.


Integrate with other Apps

Whatever Katra can’t do, it integrates with other popular applications to make it happen!

  • You can stay in touch with your contacts via text message/SMS with apps like Twilio.
  • Accept credit card and paypal payments and allow customers to easily check out on your website with Stripe.
  • Stay on top of all your appointments, scheduled webinars and anything else with Google Calendar integration.



One of our favorite things about Kartra is their support system! They have a great help desk portal with a ticket system and live help chat, plus an entire training section, so you can learn how to get the most out of Kartra.


And as we said earlier, anything Kartra can’t do yet, they’re probably working on adding! But unfortunately, as of right now, there is no perfect web-based business management tool or CRM. And that’s true for Kartra too. 


So here are our least favorite things about Kartra:

Not the best at blog post creation and scheduling

Unfortunately, the blog post creation and scheduling through Kartra isn’t as convenient or intuitive as it is through WordPress, but it’s in development!


Not good for 20 or more physical products

Kartra was primarily designed for the online business owner that sells online training courses and other digital products. The shop functionality, integration with shipping and a few other things aren’t entirely optimized for business owners with many physical products that they want to sell online. We recommend Shopify as the starting point for online business owners that mainly sell physical goods.


Interested in taking the next steps with Kartra but not sure what to do? Schedule a free consultation with one of Elative.io’s marketing experts.